Relationship Harmony

Marialena Malejan-Roussere
Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Group Psychotherapist



Our lives are an ever unfolding web of challenges and triumphs, patterns and events, that shape who we are and color the choices that we make for ourselves – both consciously and unconsciously.  The gift we give to ourselves by investing in personal therapy is the empowerment of connection, compassion and clarity.  As your therapist, I am privileged to assist you with: 

  • Deepening understanding and honoring of your inner world.
  • Going beneath the surface of your life to clarify joys and pains and identify what is really working and not working in your life.
  • Understanding your family of origin, how it has shaped who you are, as well as identifying your core beliefs, assumptions, perceptions and feelings that work to limit your personal growth and happiness.
  • Practice new ways of being, while changing old patterns and beliefs about yourself that no longer fit.
  • Creating the life you want, increasing conscious awareness and enhancing your ability to connect and empathize with yourself and others.

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